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Scientists Develop Primate Model Of Zika Virus

The primate model for the Asian-lineage Zika virus could help researchers evaluate potential vaccines and therapies, especially those that are intended for use during pregnancy.

Southeast Asia Is Ground Zero For Artemisinin Resistance, According To Map

In Southeast Asia, resistance is presumably due to the fact that there are far fewer cases of malaria so that selection pressure is greater.

Why Malaria Vaccines Just Don’t Seem To Work For Long

Antibodies aren't enough—vaccines that also generate immune cells called CD8+ T cells can protect against malaria in the longer term.

Fast-Acting Antimicrobial Kills E. Coli In Seconds

Potential applications for the antimicrobial material include consumer and personal care products.

Diagnostic Kit Detects Zika Virus In Just 10-15 Minutes

This kit improves on current methods by detecting Zika virus directly in the blood.

Dengue Hotspots More Likely To Spread Zika Virus: Study

Subtropical and tropical countries with a history of mosquito-borne diseases have the greatest risk of the virus spreading once it hits the country.

Malaria Breath Test Undergoes Field Trials

The breathalyzer device, which resembles the one used to test for drink driving, is cheaper than a blood test and requires no medical expertise to operate.

How Mosquitoes & Microbes Changed The Course Of A Canal

The Panama Canal “was dug with a microscope”—only when yellow fever and malaria were eradicated, could its construction continue.

Ridding Bacteria Of Their ‘Anchors’ To Stop Infections

Bacteria grow nanofilaments that help them latch on to our insides; blocking the protein responsible could help in fighting off infections.