drug screening

Scanning Zebrafish Brains In Search Of New Drugs

Researchers have developed a high-throughput method of identifying drug candidates for the treatment of neurological disorders.

Finding The Achilles’ Heel Of Drug Resistant Bacteria

By screening a total of 50,240 small molecules, scientists discovered a compound that suppresses the ability of multidrug resistant bacteria to cause infection.

Vitamin C Might Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Scientists have discovered that vitamin C promotes the repair of the myelin sheath surrounding neurons, making it a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Artificial Membranes To Speed Up Drug Discovery

Scientists in Japan have developed a silicon chip that can act as an artificial membrane for the testing of drug side effects.

Tiny Personalized Livers Accelerate Cancer Drug Testing

Using patient-derived cells embedded in a three-dimensional scaffold, researchers have created liver tumor organoids for high-throughput screening of cancer drugs.

Stem Cells Used For Personalized Liver Drug Screening

Testing cancer drugs on liver cells made from the stem cells of patients could help reduce the incidence of adverse drug responses, researchers say.

Animal-Free Screening For Nephrotoxicity

By combining iPS cells with machine learning, researchers have developed an efficient and accurate screening platform to detect compounds that are toxic to the kidneys.

Recreating Embryo Development In A Dish

Micropatterned stem cell colonies could one day replace animal models in the testing of teratogens and other compounds.

Wuxi & TruTags Tag Team On Drug Tracking

Tracking a drug's provenance and origin just got easier, thanks to edible tags jointly tested by WuXi PharmaTech and TruTags Technology.

Old Diabetes Drug Takes On New Target

Scientists have found that the drug metformin can indirectly boost existing TB therapy while avoiding drug resistance.