High Fat Diets Desensitize Fullness Receptors

Apart from sensing hot chili peppers, the receptor TRPV1 is also involved in detecting a full stomach, researchers say.

Mini-Pig Study: Inflammation May Drive Diabetic Kidney Injury

A study in pigs has uncovered the mechanistic link between diet, diabetes and kidney failure.

Lingzhi Tweaks Gut Bacteria To Fight Obesity In Mice

The medicinal mushroom Lingzhi has been shown to help mice on a high fat diet lose weight.

Did Science Really Say I Should Eat This?

Coffee, chocolate and wine are all good for me, because science says so? Think again, writes Sim Shuzhen in this month's Bug Report.

Diet Linked To Asthma Severity In Pregnancy

Eating well pre-pregnancy could help asthmatics control their symptoms during pregnancy, study says.

Dine With A Light Eater If You Want To Consume less

Interestingly, you could be influenced by your dining companion even if he or she is not physically present.

Processed Foods, Soft Drinks Linked To Harmful Chemicals

Pthalates have been found in the urine of 99.6 percent of Australian men in a pattern correlated to their intake of soft drinks.

The Link Between Eating Out And High Blood Pressure

Eating even one meal out can raise the odds of pre-hypertension in young adults by six percent, study says.

Eating Your Way To Long Life & Many Kids

A study in mice has shown that it is possible to optimize diet for both long life and fertility.