New Appetite-Regulating Hormone Found

A hormone called NPGL could explain why we sometimes do not lose weight even when we change our diets.

Eating Fresh Fruit Associated With Lower Diabetes Risk

An apple (or banana, or orange, or any kind of fruit) a day keeps diabetes and cardiovascular diseases away.

Future-Proofing The Indian Diet

Switching to less water-intensive crops would not only improve India's food security but also lead to a healthier population, modelling study shows.

Health Risks Loom As Fast Food Sales Increase In Asia

The huge growth in sales of fast food and drinks has major health implications for people in Asia, researchers say.

FIT Is The Reason Proteins Make (Female) Flies Full

Consuming proteins triggers the release of FIT, which signals fullness to the brain and prevents the consumption of more proteins.

The Unexpected Slimming Effect Of Sweet Potato Waste

Proteins in wastewater from sweet potato processing have been found to reduce fat levels and weight in mice.

Low-Protein, High-Carb Diet Boosts ‘Longevity’ Hormone

Paleo or pale-no? Contrary to popular belief, scientists have found that low-protein and high-carb diets help stimulate a hormone with life-extending and obesity-fighting benefits.

Scientists Urge A Move Away From ‘Single-Nutrient Approach’

Instead of focusing on any one nutrient in isolation, scientists are suggesting nutritional geometry, which considers how mixtures of nutrients and other dietary components influence health and disease.

Sleepy During The Day? Blame Those Fries You Ate For Lunch

Men in Australia with high fat diets are more likely to experience daytime sleepiness and suffer from sleep apnea, researchers say.