Eating Fruit Daily Reduces Risk Of Heart Attacks

A study of half a million people in China has found that just 100 grams of fruit per day can cut the risk of cardiovascular mortality by a third.

Eating Your Way To Longer Life, The Japanese Way

Those who adhered closely to a food guide published by the Japanese government was found to have a lower risk of death from all causes, particularly stroke.

Fatty Acid Balance During Pregnancy Affects Offspring’s Brain

Fish, an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, have been found to have a beneficial effect on fetal brain formation within the womb.

Fish Oil Switches Fat Cells From Storage To Burning

Mice fed with fish oil additives gained less weight and showed an increase in fat burning beige cells.

Food Associated With Childhood Obesity Identified

Potato chips are the top obesity-causing food for children and adolescents to consume, say scientists.

More Bacon For Your Buck

Bama mini pigs thrive even on a low protein diet, suggesting that raising indigenous Chinese pigs could reduce feeding costs.

Essential Amino Acids As Antioxidants

Besides being building blocks of proteins and neurotransmitters, glutamate and aspartate can also act as antioxidants.

Of Myths And Millennials

Are you drinking eight glasses of water, eating salad and sleeping eight hours a day? Good for you, but unfortunately, your actions might not have a firm scientific basis.

High Salt Diet Aggravates Immune Responses

Study says that a high salt diet activates immune cells known as macrophages, possibly causing type 2 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.