Making Vaccines About Science, Not Politics

In the wake of political turmoil and widespread misinformation around Dengvaxia in the Philippines, public confidence in vaccines has plummeted sharply, says a new study. What can be done to hold back the slide?

Public Trust In Vaccines Plummets After Dengvaxia Controversy

Confidence in vaccine safety and efficacy have declined precipitously following the Dengvaxia scandal in 2017.

The Philippines Pauses Dengue Vaccine Program

New findings indicate that vaccination could lead to more severe disease in people who have never had a prior dengue infection.

What You Need To Know About Dengvaxia, Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengue Vaccine

Dr. Ng Su-Peing, global medical head of Sanofi Pasteur, explains how Dengvaxia can address the burden of dengue around the world.

To Roll Out Or Not To Roll Out Dengue Vaccines? It’s Complicated

It is possible that in certain settings, routine dengue vaccination may actually increase the incidence of severe dengue—and thus the numbers hospitalized due to the disease.

Great Hesitation In Adopting Dengue Vaccine

Dengxavia, the world's first approved dengue vaccine, has been rolled out in parts of Asia and South America—but doubts over its efficacy and potential for causing side effects remain.

A Shot In The Arm For Dengue Control?

The world's first dengue vaccine is good news, but not a perfect solution.

First Dengue Vaccine In Asia Approved In The Philippines

Dengvaxia®, the world's first dengue vaccine, has been approved for use in the Philippines.