breast cancer

South Asians More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Late Stage Breast Cancer

Canadians of South Asian descent are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer only at later stages, study says.

A Switch That Could Tame The Most Aggressive Breast Cancer

Researchers propose that blocking a gene called ID4 could make triple-negative breast cancers more responsive to treatment.

Mutation In CHEK2 Linked To Breast Cancer In Chinese Women

Mutations in CHEK2, rather than the more well-known BRCA genes, are more common in Chinese breast cancer patients.

Marker For Aggressive Breast Cancer Identified

The gene RASAL2 could help identify triple negative breast cancers and inform treatment options for the aggressive disease.

Understanding The Genetics Of Breast Cancer

Australian researchers have unearthed insights into the genetic mechanisms that cause breast cancer.

New Marker & Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer

Reducing the levels of the gene DP103 could help shrink tumors and make patients more amenable to chemotherapy.

East Asian-Specific Breast Cancer Genes Found

Scientists have pinpointed three genetic regions associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in East Asians.

Genetic Marker Of Common Breast Tumors Found

The identification of MED12, found in 60 percent of fibroadenoma patients, could lead to better diagnosis of the common breast tumor.

CSI Launches Singapore’s First Breast Cancer Cell Bank

The Breast Cancer Cell Bank will help to identify new drugs and enhance treatment options for breast cancer patients.