breast cancer

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Ashok Venkitaraman

Having discovered BRCA2’s crucial role in genome stability, Professor Ashok Venkitaraman continues to drive research into cancer detection and treatment at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and A*STAR.

Tackling Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Targeting a cytokine called IL-34 could help patients with a drug-resistant form of breast cancer known as triple negative breast cancer.

Risky Business In Breast Cancer Diagnosis (VIDEO)

By analyzing the collective impact of common gene variants associated with breast cancer, Dr. Li Jingmei seeks to detect the disease early and save lives.

Imprinted Nanoparticles For Stamping Out Breast Cancer

By synthesizing nanoparticles in the presence of their intended biomolecular targets, researchers in China have found a way to specifically target aggressive breast cancer.

How Breast Cancer Stem Cells Multiply

Scientists in Japan have identified a signaling pathway that increases the number of cancer stem cells in breast tumors.

Click To Conserve Breast Tissue

Being able to rapidly and accurately detect the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous breast tissue could be a boon for breast-conserving surgery.

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Mitochondria Clustering Helps Kill Cancer Cells

Scientists in Japan have discovered that cancer cell invasiveness can be inhibited by mitochondria aggregation.