breast cancer

Gene Associated With Cancer Drug Resistance Identified

Variations in the TEKT4 gene result in microtubule destabilization, possibly explaining how breast cancer cells develop resistance to the drug paclitaxel.

Common Antibacterial Linked To Breast Cancer

Scientists from South Korea have found that the common antimicrobial ingredient triclosan promotes breast cancer cell growth in mouse models.

Yoga Lowers Stress Hormones In Breast Cancer Patients, Study

Breast cancer patients who practiced yoga not only had general better health and regulation of cortisol levels but were also more able to find meaning in their illness, a study reports.

Acupuncture Eases Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects, Study

Breast cancer patients treated with an aromatase inhibitor experience fewer side effects when they get acupuncture, researchers say.

Anastrozole May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Researchers have found a drug that is effective in preventing breast cancer, according to a new study.

CAS Researcher Wins Agilent Thought Leader Award

Researcher Dr. Junying Yuan has won the Agilent Thought Leader Award in recognition of her research into neurodegenerative diseases.

Worm-Like Nanoparticles More Deadly To Breast Cancer

Cylindrical shaped nanoparticles are seven times more deadly than traditional spherical ones when delivering drugs to breast cancer cells, according to a study.

5 Must-Read Stories In November 2013

Here are five must-read stories from our November 2013 magazine.

Medifocus, Ideal Concept JV To Market Prolieve Treatment

Medifocus has entered into a joint venture agreement with Ideal Concept Group to sell and market its Prolieve treatment in China and other Asian countries.