breast cancer

MicroRNA Acts As Genetic Switch For Breast Cancer Spread

Queensland scientists have identified a genetic “switch” that indicates whether a woman’s breast cancer will spread.

Immune Cells Have A Role In Breast Cancer

A study by researchers in Australia has highlighted the important role played by immune cells in the risk of developing breast cancer.

Scientists Discover New Drug Target For Aggressive Breast Cancer

Scientists have identified a gene that could be crucial in determining the clinical outcome of a highly aggressive form of breast cancer.

First Major Study Of Cancer Incidence In Asian Americans

Scientists have completed the first ever analysis of national trends in cancer incidence among the eight largest Asian American groups.

Eating Omega-3 Fatty Acids In Fish May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids is associated with a 14 percent reduction in the risk of breast cancer later in life, reports a new study.

GIS, Sengenics Partner On Early Cancer Detection Technology

A*STAR's GIS and Sengenics will partner on cancer biomarker discovery with the aim of identifying and validating auto-antibodies that can be used to detect early-stage cancers.

Gene Signature May Predict Response To Cancer Chemotherapy

An eight gene 'signature' can predict length of relapse-free survival after chemotherapy, according to new research from Taiwan.

GSK, Eddingpharm To Collaborate On Novel Breast Cancer Drug In China

China's Eddingpharm will launch GSK's new drug for advanced or metastatic breast cancer in China.

Late Cancer Diagnosis Linked To Low Survival Rates In Rural India

Women in developed countries survive roughly a decade longer after a breast cancer diagnosis compared to women in poor-to-middle-income countries, says a new study.