breast cancer

How To Control The Spread Of Breast Cancer Cells

A team of researchers has found that controlling the levels of a type of tumor suppressor could potentially prevent the spread of breast cancer cells.

Stress-busting Protein Also Makes Breast Tumors More Aggressive

An enzyme that helps breast cancer cells regulate their oxidative stress levels can also make them more aggressive, according to this study.

Gatekeeper Gene Suppressed Breast Cancer Tumors In Mice

The study was prompted by the discovery that Nrk-mutant mice frequently exhibited breast tumors after repetitive pregnancies or births.

Physical Inactivity Cost US$67 Billion Globally In 2013: Study

According to the study findings, type 2 diabetes was the costliest disease, accounting for US$37.6 billion or 70 percent of direct costs.

Natural Progesterone May Help Breast Cancer Treatment: Study

Adding natural or biologically identical forms of progesterone, instead of synthetic forms, to standard breast cancer treatments could prolong life for patients, researchers have found.

Air Pollution Linked To Other Cancers, Not Just Lung

Long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter such as PM2.5 has been linked to increased risk of mortality for a range of cancers.

Attacking Tumors With Salmonella ‘Warheads’

The bacterium that causes dreaded food poisoning can be engineered to target tumors and inhibit their growth, while also delivering drugs.

Multigene Sequencing Panel Detects Breast Cancer Early

Rather than testing them one by one, this test spots patients in India with risk of breast and ovarian cancers by using next-generation sequencing for a panel of genes.

Breast Cancer Cells Accumulate Epigenetic Changes Over Time

Researchers have found that healthy tissue samples taken from women with breast cancer are already ‘marked’ as being susceptible to turning cancerous.