breast cancer

Mimicking Immune Cells To Treat Breast Cancer

Researchers in China have developed a biomimetic strategy that could pave the way for targeted breast cancer therapy.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ho Weang Kee

In a bid to reduce breast cancer mortality, Associate Professor Ho Weang Kee is developing a tool to catch the disease early.

Targeting Breast Cancer With A ‘Trojan Horse’

By encasing chemotherapy drugs in nanocapsules coated in the membranes of red blood cells, researchers have reduced the toxicity of the treatment in mice.

2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award Winners Announced

For their outstanding contributions to their fields of research, these four women scientists from Asia received 2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards.

Forging New Paths In Cancer Diagnostics

HistoIndex is partnering with the University of Malaya and Pathomics Health to roll out an integrative diagnostics platform for the holistic analysis of patient tumor biopsies.

Awareness Of Cervical And Breast Cancer Screening Lacking In Indonesia

Scientists in Indonesia have reported that only one in five Indonesian women are aware of cervical cancer screening, while only five percent of women are aware of breast cancer screening.

Singapore’s Top Scientists Honored At PSTA 2017

Seven of Singapore’s best scientists were recognized at the ninth President’s Science and Technology Awards.

Fat Distribution Predicts Breast Cancer Subtypes

By analyzing body mass index and waist-hip ratio, scientists in China have discovered that the location of body fat is linked to specific breast cancer subtypes.

Diabetes Drug Could Prevent Spread Of Aggressive Breast Cancer

A drug that has already been approved for treating diabetes has been shown to inhibit an enzyme that drives an aggressive type of breast cancer.