Not A Numbers Game: Gene Regulation Made Vertebrates Special

The ability to regulate genes, rather than the sheer number of genes, is responsible for the development of a backbone in animals, scientists say.

A Google For Microbiome Research

Scientists in China have devised a computerized scoring system to evaluate the novelty and impact of microbiome research.

Combining DNA & MicroRNA Data For The Best Of Both Worlds

Researchers in Japan have established a method that integrates microRNA and genome-wide association study data to help identify the root causes of disease.

WuXi AppTec Launches Drug Screening Library

The DNA-Encoded Library platform consists of 80 billion unique molecules which are structurally diverse and chemically exclusive.

CRISPR Screening Identifies Important Tumor Suppressor Genes

Using gene editing to systematically screen a large number of tumor suppressor genes, researchers in China have identified five genes linked to lung tumor growth.

New Adhesive As Sticky As Gecko’s Feet

Move over, Spidey! Scientists from Singapore have developed a dry adhesive that mimics the gecko's gravity-defying tricks.

Sniffing Out Death With A Bioelectronic ‘Nose’

Scientists in Korea have created a selective and sensitive detector for decaying substances by packaging a zebrafish receptor into nanodiscs.

A Sticky Upgrade For Paper-Based Tests

Scientists have developed a method to test for metal ions in both liquid and solid samples using paper and adhesive tape.

A ‘Chimp’ Off The Old Block

Ultra-deep whole genome sequencing has helped scientists to estimate the inter-generational mutation rate for chimpanzees.