Accurately Modelling Human Metabolism

Scientists in Korea have developed a highly accurate computational model of human metabolism by including reactions caused by different protein isoforms.

A Switch Controlling Odor Receptor Expression Found

Scientists have identified a DNA sequence that controls the expression of odor-detecting receptor genes.

Count Me In! Bayesian Model Used To Estimate Tiger Population

Researchers have developed a more reliable method for estimating tiger numbers in India.

WuXi NextCODE To Power Singapore’s Precision Medicine Initiative

WuXi NextCODE has been selected to install a massively scalable database, analytics and reporting suite for Singapore's precision medicine efforts.

Detecting Heart Attacks From A Single Drop Of Blood

Using a single droplet of blood, this biosensor can detect whether a heart attack has occurred.

Novogene Completes US$75 Million B Round Financing

Novogene Technology Co., Ltd., a commercial provider of genomic services, has completed B round financing with banks and venture capital firms in China.

£30,000 Boost For UK-China Metabolomics Data Sharing

The UK's Biotechnology and Biological Research Council has committed £30,000 to support training in managing and sharing metabolomics data and analyses.

Finding The Sweet Spot Between Biology & Bioinformatics

Not many biologists are fully at home with bioinformatics, but an understanding of it could make all the difference for fighting disease outbreaks.

US$2.3 Million For DNA Barcoding Project

Scientists hope that DNA bar coding will speed up the identification of plant and animal species and help combat illegal trade in endangered species.