Preparing A Pipeline Of Life Sciences Talent

PSB Academy offers students a flexible life sciences education with well-equipped facilities as well as overseas research opportunities at La Trobe University where they can learn from distinguished faculty.

Space Mice Reveal Why Muscles Waste Away In Space

Exposing mice aboard the International Space Station to artificial gravity has revealed the molecular mechanisms behind muscle waste.

Hunting For Disease Markers In ‘Junk’ DNA

An international team has developed a speedy new method to analyze thousands of noncoding variants and their links to diseases like diabetes.

Fighting COVID-19 With Bioinformatics (VIDEO)

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, bioinformaticians like Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh are helping us make sense of SARS-CoV-2’s continuing evolution.

Modeling The Impact of Singapore’s ‘Circuit Breaker’

Interventions such as workplace distancing are crucial to controlling the virus’ spread when community transmission is observed, the study found.

Singapore’s Supercomputers To Support COVID-19 Research

Scientists based in Singapore can now tap into the country’s supercomputing resources for COVID-19-related projects under a special call for projects launched this week.

Chinese Scientists Sequence Genome Of COVID-19

A research group in China has sequenced the genome of the COVID-19 virus and reported that the virus most likely originated from bats.

Why The Japanese Are More Susceptible To ILD Than Europeans

A study led by Japanese researchers has revealed that a variant of the gene encoding mucin 5b is linked to heightened vulnerability to interstitial lung disease among the Japanese compared to Europeans.

Stratifin Inhibitor Blocks Lung Cancer Progression

Combining experimental data with a computer-based drug screen, scientists in Japan have found two inhibitors that could slow or stop lung adenocarcinoma tumor growth.

Analyzing Gene Trees With Ease

Scientists in Japan have developed a web-based tool capable of inferring gene function, estimating gene trees and identifying sets of ancestral genes in minutes.