Deadly Bacteria Can Reach The Brain In Just 24 Hours

The deadly bacteria can be picked up by a simple sniff and travel to the brain and spinal cord in just 24 hours, a new study finds.

Just Like Us, Seaweeds Get Sick When Stressed

At high water temperatures, seaweeds become susceptible to a bleaching disease by a variety of normally harmless bacteria.

The Meaning Of Life? 473

Answering the question of what is the minimum number of genes required for life has turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected.

Ridding Bacteria Of Their ‘Anchors’ To Stop Infections

Bacteria grow nanofilaments that help them latch on to our insides; blocking the protein responsible could help in fighting off infections.

Dysentery Bacteria Use Sugars To Stick Around

Shigella flexneri bacteria, which cause millions of episodes of dysentery each year, use their cell surface sugars to bind to human cells.

Using Dead Bacteria To Kill Colorectal Cancer

Heat-inactivated bacteria might be a safer and simpler way to fight colorectal cancer, scientists say.

Flick The Switch For Bacteria-Made Biofuels

Using in silico modeling and simulation, scientists have engineered a more efficient enzyme for the production of n-butanol in bacteria.

Deadly Singaporean GBS Strain Sequenced

A collaboration between research labs and hospitals has quickly sequenced the genome of a strain of Group B Streptococcus responsible for a recent outbreak in Singapore.

Pathway Commensals Use To Maintain Intestinal Barrier Discovered

Good bacteria in the gut can positively influence intestinal cells to secrete the right contents into the intestines to maintain a healthy gut.