For Synthetic Biological Circuits, Two Is Better Than One

A two-strain microbial circuit can effectively mimic the population-level oscillations of more complex biological systems.

Let Them Eat Waste: The Microbes Helping To Clean Up Fukushima

Dealing with radioactive waste is a tall order, but the solution could lie with very small microorganisms.

Typhoid Bacteria Linked To Gallbladder Cancer

The findings suggest that treating Salmonella Typhi with antibiotics would lower the incidence of gallbladder in India.

2015 Laureates Of The Shaw Prize Announced

The 2015 Shaw Prizes have been awarded to Mr. William Borucki, Professors Bonnie Bassler, Everett Peter, Gerd Faltings and Henryk Iwaniec.

Seeing Past TB’s Sugar Coating

Using a glycan array, researchers have identified a protein secreted by the pancreas that plays a role in recognizing Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Samlonella Self-Acidifies To Survive Macrophages’ Acid Attack

The acidic environment of the macrophage vacuole not only fails to kill Salmonella but actually switches on bacterial survival genes.

Virulence Factor Building Block Found Hiding In Plain Sight

The discovery of the PATR motif found in the virulence factors of many harmful bacteria could lead to the development of new broad spectrum antibiotics.

Found: Critical Regulator Of Unconventional Immune Cells

By studying patients lacking STAT3, researchers have identified the protein as essential for innate-like immune cells known as NKT and MAIT cells.

Gut Bacteria & Your Waistline

As expanding waistlines continue to threaten Asia, Ivan Seah examines a surprising link between obesity and the bacteria that inhabit our gut.