Dragonfly Wings Inspire Antimicrobial Coating

Mimicking the structures of a dragonfly’s wings, a research group in Singapore has developed a nano-coating that can kill bacteria on surfaces as well as in water.

Bacteria Spews Cyanide To Fend Off Predators

A team of scientists in South Korea have revealed how one bacterium inhibits predators with cyanide.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread In China

Scientists in Hong Kong have detected the gene for colistin-resistance in human, food and environmental samples from Hong Kong and China.

How Bacterial Motors Shift Into High Gear

Using high-speed atomic force microscopy, scientists in Japan have uncovered the mechanism by which bacterial motors are assembled and activated.

Shedding Light On Bacterial Infections

Scientists have replaced blood agar plates with flurophores for detecting hemolytic bacteria.

Magnets Turn Viruses Into Bacteria-Killers

A team of international scientists has used phage-enhanced nanoparticles to kill bacteria that pollute water treatment systems.

To Battle Bacterial Infections, Stop Their ‘Propellers’ From Forming

Artificially modifying the proteins responsible for the flagella 'tails' of bacteria, which helps them move around, could be a promising way to stave off infections without antibiotics.

Swiss Tourists Carried Superbugs From India: Study

In a small study of 38 tourists returning from India, Swiss researchers found that three quarters of them brought back a multidrug-resistant superbug.

The Antibiotic Resistance Movement

It's the end of the modern antibiotic era. Is this an Independence Day-type situation, or can we still undo the damage that's been done?