Researchers Commence Clinical Trial Of Streptococcus A Vaccine

Researchers in Australia have begun human trials of a vaccine for Streptococcus A, the bacterium that causes rheumatic fever.

Gut Microbes Could Influence Survival In Melamine Scandal

Scientists have discovered a clue as to why some children survived the melamine-contaminated milk scandal in China.

Antimicrobial Hydrogel To Fight Drug-Resistant Biofilms

Researchers have designed a new antimicrobial hydrogel that can break through diseased biofilms and eradicate drug-resistant bacteria upon contact.

AstraZeneca, LegoChem Biosciences To Co-Develop Novel Antibiotics

AstraZeneca has licensed an antibiotic drug candidate from South Korea's LegoChem Biosciences to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Hostile Gut Bacteria Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

New research shows that the composition of a person’s gut bacteria could play an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

Researchers Discover How Bacteria Respond To Salt Stress

Scientists in Singapore have discovered how bacteria respond to salts in their environment and how these salts can alter the behavior of specialized salt sensor bacterial proteins.

Gene May Offer Clues To Asian Superbug Epidemic

Scientists have discovered a rapidly emerging Staphylococcus aureus gene which is establishing methicillin-resistant S. aureus epidemics across Asia.

Handheld Plasma Flashlight Zaps Away Bacteria Instantly, Study

Chinese and Australian scientists have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant.

Tighter Food Safety Linked To Drop In Guillain-Barré Syndrome Cases

A recent drop in Guillain–Barré syndrome cases in New Zealand has been attributed to tighter food safety regulations aimed at reducing bacterial infection from fresh poultry.