Where Did The Whale On Pluto Come From?

Researchers reveal that the whale-shaped reddish region along Pluto's equator is likely to have been caused by the same impact that gave rise to Charon.

Catching A Black Hole By Its Tail

A tell-tale tail has given away the location of a previously hidden black hole near the supernova remnant W44.

Understanding The Violent Collisions That Power Supernovae

Scientists have simulated the violent collisions between superluminous supernovae and its surrounding gas, which then emit extreme brightness.

Mystery Solved: How Saturn Got Its Rings

A study suggests that the rings of giant planets like Saturn are natural byproducts of the planet formation process.

Rare Twin Black Holes Spotted In Nearby Galaxy

Radio astronomers have found a pair of supermassive black holes with a compact radio jet in a nearby giant spiral galaxy.

This Is What The Sky Looks Like In Radio Wave Technicolor

The GLEAM telescope, located deep in the West Australian outback, lets us peek into what the Universe would look like if human eyes could see in 20 primary colors.

How Saturn Put A Ring On It

What are the distinctive rings of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus made of? The fragments of nearby large objects that were destroyed by tidal forces.

Scientists Create Most Detailed Map Of The Milky Way Yet

Using the largest radio telescopes in the world, scientists have put together the most sensitive and detailed view of all of the hydrogen gas in and around the Milky Way.

Is The Truth Out There? FAST To Find Out

The FAST telescope in China is the latest addition to the Breakthrough Listen program, part of a set of long-term astronomical programs exploring the universe.