Four Fun Facts About Eclipses

Asia might have missed out on the recent solar eclipse, but there were plenty of learning points for skywatchers here to prepare for the next time the moon obstructs the sun.

Space Probe Spots Venus’ Equatorial Winds

A Japanese satellite has collected data on high-velocity winds at Venus’ equator that could help clarify theories about superrotation.

Why Massive Galaxies Don’t Dance In Crowds

Contrary to previous research, the spin rate of galaxies is actually determined by mass instead of their interactions with neighboring galaxies.

The Subaru Telescope Prepares Jupiter For Its Closeup

Images of Jupiter’s surface taken with the Subaru Telescope have helped researchers to plan a mission to take detailed images of the planet’s mysterious Great Red Spot.

Hearing The Cries Of A Newborn Star

The interplay of centrifugal and magnetic forces plays an important role in determining the flow of gas around a newly formed star, researchers say.

Gravitational Waves Shed Light On Black Holes & Dark Matter

The third detection of gravitational waves offers new insights into the mysteries behind black holes and dark matter.

Unveiling The Mystery Behind Jupiter’s Auroras

The intense auroras on Jupiter are driven by sulfur gas given off by volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon, Io.

Reconstructing Astronomical Events With Ancient Texts

Literature, tree ring dating and space observations have come together in a unique study to shed light on ancient astronomical events.

Seeing Saturn Through The Seasons

The Subaru Telescope has produced the highest resolution ground-based views ever made of Saturn’s rings.