7 Must-Read Stories In October 2018

October was Nobel season—check out our stories on Physiology or Medicine laureates Professor Tasuku Honjo (2018) and Sir Richard J. Roberts (1993).

AsianScientist (Nov. 5, 2018) – Just in case you missed any of them, here are seven must-read stories published on Asian Scientist Magazine in October 2018.

  1. Tasuku Honjo Wins 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    Professor Tasuku Honjo was recognized for his discovery of PD-1, which paved the way for modern cancer immunotherapy.

  2. Why Chinese Mums Opt For Cesareans

    Antagonistic relations with healthcare providers and fear of pain are reasons for the preference for cesarean delivery among women in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  3. Robots Team Up To 3D Print In Concrete

    A research group in Singapore has developed a method to 3D print in concrete using robotic arms.

  4. Asia’s Rising Scientists: Yukiko Ogawa

    Get to know Dr. Yukiko Ogawa and the story behind how she helps improve fields like medicine and transport, one smart material at a time.

  5. Singapore’s Smart City Secret Sauce

    Nimble authorities, a commitment to transformation and a focus on partnerships are some of the reasons why Singapore is one of the smartest cities around.

  6. Insights From A Gene Genius

    Sir Richard J. Roberts FRS shared his thoughts on science communication, open access publishing and GMOs at a public talk co-organized by Wildtype Media Group.

  7. Looking Before You Quantum Leap

    Although qubit-crunching machines are still some years away from widespread use, industry players are already planning ahead for the era of quantum computing.

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