Accelerating Diagnosis From Bench To Bedside (VIDEO)

Translating cutting-edge research into real-world applications is all in a day’s work for Dr. Sidney Yee, CEO of the Diagnostics Development Hub at A*STAR.

Helping Businesses Take A Digital Leap (VIDEO)

Assistant Chief Executive Jane Lim of the Infocomm Media Development Authority provides businesses in Singapore with the tools needed to kickstart their digital journeys.

Conquering One Outbreak After Another (VIDEO)

Leading viral immunologist Professor Lisa Ng is leveraging modern tools in the age-old battle against disease-causing pathogens.

Combating Superbugs Through Comic Books (VIDEO)

From antimicrobial resistance to COVID-19, infectious diseases physician Dr. Hsu Li Yang is tackling the world’s most pressing public health issues through comic books.
Alan Cheung ONE Championship ringside doctor

Orthopedic Surgeon By Day, Ringside Doctor By Night (VIDEO)

With his expertise in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Alan Cheung is a veritable heavyweight in the operating room all the way to the ringside.

Fighting COVID-19 With Bioinformatics (VIDEO)

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, bioinformaticians like Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh are helping us make sense of SARS-CoV-2’s continuing evolution.

Detecting Heart Disease In The Blink Of An AI (VIDEO)

Dr. Carolyn Lam, co-founder of medical technology startup, is hoping to turn the tide in the battle against heart disease by using artificial intelligence.

Engineered For Innovation (VIDEO)

Peter Ho, CEO of engineering company HOPE Technik, aims to deliver bespoke engineering solutions with real-world impact.

Automating The Way Towards Ultra-precise Surgeries (VIDEO)

Mr. Alan Goh, co-founder of NDR Medical Technology, is helping realize the potential of minimally invasive surgeries through robotics and artificial intelligence.