Fast-Setting Hydrogel Helps Re-Attach Rabbit Retinas (VIDEO)

Scientists have developed a quick-setting hydrogel that could replace vitreous and other soft tissues.

The Art Of Mathematics (VIDEO)

A mathematical artist from Iran has been blurring the lines between art and science with his beautiful, computer-generated artworks.

How Do Lobsters Eat Venomous Jellyfish? The Secret’s In Their Poo (VIDEO)

By examining fresh lobster feces, researchers have found that the creatures secrete membranes that protect their intestines from jellyfish venom.

The Tale Of The Short-Tailed Cat (VIDEO)

A mutation in the HES7 gene is responsible for the short-tailed trait in Japanese Bobtail and Chinese short-tailed feral cats, a study finds.

Health Monitoring Patch Wirelessly Powered By Your Smartphone (VIDEO)

Researchers have developed a stretchable, battery-free health monitoring patch that can be laminated onto the skin and operated using wirelessly transmitted power.

Two Ant Species Named After Game of Thrones Dragons (VIDEO)

Brace yourself, dragon ants are coming! Researchers have discovered ant species with dragon-like spines reminiscent of the mythical beasts in Game of Thrones.

Melaka Road Lighting Project To Install 100,000 LED Road Lights (VIDEO)

The Malaysian state of Melaka is about to get brighter and greener with the installation of more than 100,000 energy efficient road lights.

Five Beautiful Quotes from Asian Scientists (VIDEO)

From waxing lyrical about the hope of life, to boldly lauding the potential of the Asian market, who knew scientists could be such poets?

8 Scientists From India To Watch (VIDEO)

From the mysteries of deep space to the molecular mechanisms of our very cells, India’s scientists are breaking new ground everyday.