Sweeping Up Space Junk (VIDEO)

By clearing out space debris, Astroscale is securing a safe and sustainable future for space development efforts, says CIO Ai Makino.

Creating Sustainable Cities By Design (VIDEO)

Through sustainable design, Professor Jason Pomeroy blends creativity and research to create architectural feats at minimal cost to the planet.

Reaching Everyone Through Affordable Healthcare (VIDEO)

By delivering affordable medical services, reach52 CEO Mr. Edward Booty is empowering underserved communities to lead better, healthier lives.

Making STEM Accessible To All (VIDEO)

By studying social and cognitive development, Dr. Setoh Pei Pei works with parents and children to recognize the limitless possibilities offered by the world of STEM.

Catalyzing Innovation In Deep Tech (VIDEO)

As CEO of SGInnovate, Dr. Lim Jui supports budding scientist-entrepreneurs as they leverage deep tech to take on the biggest problems of Singapore—and the world.

Back To Basis: Restoring Trust In AI (VIDEO)

BasisAI CEO Liu Feng-Yuan is championing the responsible use of artificial intelligence—helping organizations make better decisions in the process.

Supporting Deep Tech Leaders Of The Future (VIDEO)

As the general manager of Entrepreneur First in Singapore, Bernadette Cho enables ambitious individuals to build deep tech companies that solve global problems.

Meet Singapore’s Materials Man (VIDEO)

From smart masks to innovative eye polymers, Professor Loh Xian Jun is revolutionizing materials science at A*STAR's Institute of Materials Research and Engineering.

Standing On The Verge Of Accessible Healthcare (VIDEO)

By investing in health tech innovations through Verge HealthTech Fund, Dr. Joseph Mocanu is making accessible healthcare in Asia a reality.