Taking Solid-State Batteries To The Next Level

Using complex hydrides, a research group in Japan has demonstrated the possibility of building high-energy-density all-solid-state batteries with capacity exceeding 2,500 Wh/kg.

AsianScientist (Mar. 28, 2019) – Scientists in Japan have developed a complex hydride lithium superionic conductor that could result in all-solid-state batteries with the highest energy density to date. Their findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.

All-solid-state batteries incorporating a lithium metal anode have the potential to address the energy density issues of conventional lithium-ion batteries. But until now, their use in practical cells has been limited by the high resistance of lithium ion transfer within anode materials.

In the present study, researchers led by Professor Shin-ichi Orimo of Tohoku University, Japan, have developed a substance that exhibits high ionic conductivity and high stability against lithium metal, making it ideal for use in an all-solid-state battery. The researchers showed that the material—which comprises structures of hydrogen clusters—had a conductivity of 6.7×10−3 S/cm, energy density exceeding 2,500 Wh/kg and current density of 5,016 mg/A.

“Complex hydrides have received a lot of attention in addressing the problems associated with the lithium metal anode because of their outstanding chemical and electrochemical stability against the lithium metal anode,” said Dr. Kim Sangryun of Tohoku University, a co-author on the study. “We were very motivated to see that our complex hydride exhibited lithium superionic conductivity at room temperature, which enables the use of lithium metal anodes [in future batteries].”

The researchers expect that this development will not only inspire efforts to find lithium superionic conductors based on complex hydrides, but also open up a new trend in the field of solid electrolyte materials that may lead to the development of high-energy-density electrochemical devices.

The article can be found at: Kim et al. (2019) A Complex Hydride Lithium Superionic Conductor for High-energy-density All-solid-state Lithium Metal Batteries.


Source: Tohoku University; Photo: Shutterstock.
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