5 Ways Supercomputers Help Advance Science

Supercomputers are helping scientists simulate scientific processes, make predictions and create data-based solutions, tackling the biggest scientific questions one calculation at a time.

Supporting Science At All Scales

Supercomputers are helping scientists investigate phenomena at all scales, from the cosmos to quantum mechanics.

Embracing AI In Singapore

Efficient, accessible and flexible supercomputing resources will play a key role in helping Singapore harness AI technology, says AI Singapore’s Professor Leong Tze Yun.

Planetary-Scale Cloud Streaks Spotted On Venus

An infrared camera and supercomputer simulations have revealed planet-spanning cloud streaks over the surface of Venus.

Tsinghua University Wins Student Supercomputing Competition At SC18

A computing cluster built by students from Tsinghua University outperformed those of 14 other international teams in a variety of tasks, including parallel deep learning and weather forecasting.

Tsinghua Team Wins Inaugural Asia-Pacific HPC-AI Competition

The team from China demonstrated a strong grasp of high performance computing for weather forecasting and was able to optimize neural networks for image recognition.

Helping Data Go Around The World

A high-performance, high-capacity network specially built for research purposes, the Global Research Platform will help scientists all over the world move and manage giant datasets.

Three Individuals Recognized For Contributions To HPC

The SCA18 Awards recognize excellence in high performance computing, networking, storage and visualization from Asia.

K Computer Accurately Models Aerosol Effects

Using the K computer, scientists in Japan have accurately modelled the impact of aerosols on cloud formation.