IBM Watson To Fight Cancer In 21 Hospitals Across China

IBM and Hangzhou CognitiveCare plan to bring the Watson cognitive computing platform to 21 hospitals across China.

IBM’s Watson Detected Rare Leukemia In Just 10 Minutes

The supercomputer swiftly cross-referenced a patient’s genetic data to make a diagnosis that would have taken a human doctor weeks.

When It Rains, K Computer Can Tell You If It Will Pour, Too

With the powerful K supercomputer, researchers in Japan can now predict the occurrence of torrential rains with much greater accuracy.

10 ’Omics You Need To Know

Confused by the proliferation of ‘omics but don’t want to be left behind? Fret not, Asian Scientist Magazine has got you covered with our handy explainer on the hottest ‘omics around.

Gene Mutations Linked To Esophageal Cancer In Japan

Researchers have found genetic mutations responsible for esophageal squamous cell cancer in Japanese people.

Diagnosis Without Doctors: Could PCs Replace GPs?

Computers may not have much by way of bedside manner, but they can carry out tasks human doctors can’t, processing gigabytes of data for a more personalized diagnosis.

China’s Homegrown 100 Pflops Supercomputer Leads Top500 List

China’s Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, which can achieve a peak performance of up to 125 petaflops, is officially the world's fastest.

The Accidental Internet Pioneer

Tan Tin Wee brought the wonders of the Internet to Singapore in the 90’s—starting with a videocast of the 1994 National Day Parade for those living or working overseas.

Physicists Solve Quantum Tunneling Mystery

Supercomputer calculations have provided attosecond-scale calibrations that can serve as a good reference point for future experiments on protein folding or electronics.