Scientists Create Most Detailed Map Of The Milky Way Yet

Using the largest radio telescopes in the world, scientists have put together the most sensitive and detailed view of all of the hydrogen gas in and around the Milky Way.

Is Tiangong-1 Going To Fall On My Head?

Watch out: China’s ill-fated prototype station will crash sometime next year, but don’t worry—it will likely fall in an unpopulated area.

Tiangong Falls Out Of The Sky, China Must Ask Itself Why

Could the prospect of burning debris from Tiangong-1 raining down on Earth herald a new area of cooperation between space agencies?

The Milky Way’s Sun-Facing Spiral Is Bigger Than We Thought

The spiral arm of our galaxy that is closest to the Sun stretches for approximately 20,000 light years, significantly larger than previous estimates.

Forget Pokémon. Hunt For Centaur Rings Instead!

It is highly likely that minor planets called centaurs with rings or small moons exist, awaiting discovery by future observations.

A Baby Icy Giant Planet Is Growing Nearby

Observations of the icy giant planet, which is probably a bit more massive than Neptune, will help us better understand planet formation.

ExPace, China’s Very Own SpaceX

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. The Chinese have branched out into commercial space with the launch of their ExPace Technology Corporation.

Gravitational Waves Triggered 10m Years Earlier Than Thought

According to supercomputer simulations, a collision of two galaxies triggers gravitational waves about ten million years after—a much faster process than previously assumed.

The China Space Friends Club

The US refuses to collaborate with China on space missions, but no matter: the Asian powerhouse has the rest of the world in its corner.