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Cell Membrane Inspires Nanoparticle Computing

The lipid nanotablet platform uses lipid bilayer membranes as a ‘chip’ to control nanoparticles and create nanoparticle-based logic gates.

Asian Universities Making Waves On THE World University Rankings 2020

Japan and China are the second and fourth most-represented nations on the list of the world's top universities compiled by Times Higher Education.

New Oviraptorosaur Species Found In Mongolia

Scientists have found an incomplete skeleton of a feathered, bird-like dinosaur with unusually thick jaws, suggesting that the dinosaur fed on hard food items like eggs.

Giving Up Smoking Lowers Risk Of Cognitive Decline

Quit smoking early on to minimize the risk of neurological disease, say researchers in South Korea.

Antibiotic Resistance Genes Traveling On The Wind

The air in Beijing carries the greatest diversity of antibiotic resistance genes, while San Francisco has the highest levels of airborne antibiotic resistance genes, say researchers.

Ten East Asian Scientists Recognized By Nature

Nature has identified ten outstanding scientists working in East Asia for a special feature on science in the region.

When You Snooze (Too Much Or Too Little), You Lose

Scientists in South Korea have found that insufficient or excess sleep is associated with metabolic syndrome and poor health.

East Asian Universities Remain Asia’s Most Innovative

Universities in South Korea, Japan and China make up the majority of Reuters' Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities list.

Giving Soft Robots Electronic Skins

Researchers have developed electronic skins that are not only stretchable and conformable onto dynamic surfaces, but also capable of wireless communication.