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Duck Genome May Reveal Clues For Combating Bird Flu

An international team of scientists has analyzed the duck genome for the first time, revealing genetic factors that protect ducks from the harmful effects of bird flu.

Non-Profit Online Learning Initiative, edX, Expands To Asia

EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative founded at MIT and Harvard, has expanded to Asia with the addition of six Asian institutions.

Dozens Of New Genetic Markers For Cancer Risk Identified But Thousands More Remain

A large international study has identified more than 80 genetic markers for cancer risk, but researchers suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Study Finds Stem Cells In Deer Antler

Deer antlers are reported to contain multipotent stem cells that may have applications in veterinary tissue regenerative therapies.

Study Identifies Genetic Loci Linked To Colorectal Cancer In East Asians

Researchers have identified three new genetic risk factors linked to colorectal cancer in East Asians.

Pig Genome Decoded: Genes May Explain Why Pigs Can Sniff Out Truffles But Have Poor Taste

An international team of researchers has published the most thorough genomic analysis yet conducted of the domestic pig and its wild boar counterpart.

Gene Variations Linked To Lung Cancer In Asian Women

An international group of scientists has identified three genetic regions that predispose Asian women who have never smoked to lung cancer.

Researchers Develop Autonomous Robot That Moves Like An Earthworm

Researchers at MIT, Harvard University, and Seoul National University have engineered a soft autonomous robot that moves much like an earthworm.

16th Century Korean Mummy Provides Clues To Hepatitis B Virus Genetic Code

Genetic analysis on a mummified Korean child with relatively preserved organs has revealed a unique hepatitis B virus genotype C2 sequence common in Southeast Asia.