seoul national university

Artificial Nerves Move Biological Muscle

Scientists have successfully created artificial nerves that can sense pressure and move muscles.

Mirror-Image Nanoparticles Patterned On Peptides

Researchers have shown that chirality, which is typically observed in organic molecules, can be extended to three-dimensional metallic nanostructures.

Origami Arms Extend The Reach Of Drones (VIDEO)

A robotic arm that is stiff when it needs to be but soft enough to fold up on demand could make drones even more useful.

Sniffing Out Death With A Bioelectronic ‘Nose’

Scientists in Korea have created a selective and sensitive detector for decaying substances by packaging a zebrafish receptor into nanodiscs.

Measures To Make 3D Printers Safer

Scientists recommend using 3D printers in a HEPA-filtered enclosure to reduce the impact of nanoparticle emissions.

Asia’s Universities Inching Their Way Up

While Western countries continue to dominate the world ranking of universities, Asia is becoming increasingly visible.

A Nanoscale Solution To Sepsis

Potent antioxidant nanoparticles that can mop up excess reactive oxygen species could help prevent sepsis-related deaths.

Asians With Type 2 Diabetes At Greater Risk Of Cancer

Researchers have found that type 2 diabetes is linked with a 26 percent increase in the risk of death from cancer in Asians.

Editing Away AMD With CRISPR

CRISPR-Cas9 can be delivered directly into the eyes of mice and treat age-related macular degeneration efficiently and safely.