science policy

Planting The Seeds Of Food Security In Asia

In Asia, the humble rice grain has far-reaching impacts on lives and economies. Dr. Bruce Tolentino of the International Rice Research Institute shares his insights.

How Can China Afford Its Science And Technology Goals?

China has embarked on a series of techno-industrial upgrades, shifting its growth model into high-end value-added manufacture.

India Begins Mining For Dark Matter

Indian physicists have begun the search for dark matter at the Jaduguda mine complex, an active uranium mine.

India’s Science Marching To Nowhere

After project funds are stopped, Indian scientists rally for nationwide ‘March for Science.’

When Science Helps Governments Manage Risk And Innovation

Robust scientific evidence can help governments deal with threats and get the most out of new technologies, said UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport.

The False Space Vs Survival Dichotomy

Here's why all those naysayers are wrong about India's record-breaking success at launching 104 satellites at one go.

Is Change Really Coming? The Role Of Science In The Duterte Administration

It remains to be seen if Philippines president-elect Rodrigo Duterte will shine a spotlight on science and technology when he assumes office on June 30.

Government Should Help Drive Taiwan’s Solar Panel Industry: Study

For solar panel producers in Taiwan to compete on the world stage, they need government support, a study says.

Thailand’s Scientist In Office

Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong, deputy prime minister of Thailand, speaks to Asian Scientist Magazine about his vision for science in Thailand and the ASEAN region.