science policy

Scientists In Singapore Must Capture The Imagination Of The Public, New Report Finds

A survey of almost a thousand Singaporeans reveals that they are well-versed in some areas of science but surprisingly unaware of facts that affect their daily lives as well as national health.

70 Years After Independence, What’s Next For Indonesian Science?

A new book looks at the questions that Indonesian scientists hope to answer by the time their country celebrates its centennial in 30 years.

Developing Nations Urged To Spend Big On Science

Few countries are close to meeting UNESCO's target for science, technology and innovation spending of 3.5 percent of their GDP.

Laos Targets Green Energy In New Asian Economic Bloc

Laos has set its sights on green energy, and hydroelectric dams in particular. But will this erode its progress in agriculture?

Addressing India’s Scientific Brain Drain

India has taken measures to increase the pay of young researchers, but experts say this may not be enough to beat brain drain.

India To Rid Science Of Red Tape

India's prime minister Narendra Modi has highlighted bureaucratic reforms as a means to restore science to a place of pride.

Spearheading Regulatory Leadership In Asia

The Center of Regulatory Excellence at Duke-NUS will focus on pan-Asian regulatory policy for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Hitches In Bangladesh’s S&T Drive

Bangladesh is investing heavily in science and technology as part of the Vision 2021 scheme, but critics say much more is needed.

APEC Advisors Call For Science-Based Innovation

More can be done to strengthen scientific ties within APEC, said senior advisors at a high-level networking session held in New Zealand on August 30, 2014.