science policy

Wealth Gap Drives Global Wildlife Trade, Study Says

Wealth inequality is a key driver of global wildlife trade, with higher-income countries being the top consumers of wildlife products.

Bringing Filipino Scientists Home

One year after the Balik Scientist Law was enacted, we trace how scientists returning to the Philippines are continuing to transform institutions and serve their country.

A Minister On A Mission (VIDEO)

As the world awakens to the enormity of the plastic waste crisis, Malaysia’s Yeo Bee Yin has emerged as one of Southeast Asia’s most vocal champions for biodegradable plastics and a new circular economy.

Philippine Space Agency: From A Dream To Reality

Now that the Philippine Space Agency law is just a signature away from reality, we talked to two of the main persons behind the legislation, Dr. Rogel Mari Sese and Senator Bam Aquino.

The Philippines Soon To Have Its Own Space Agency

Once established the Philippine Space Agency will take care of all national issues and activities related to space science and technology applications in the country.

Belt And Road Initiative Could Threaten Native Biodiversity

China’s Belt and Road Initiative connecting 120 countries may put biodiversity at risk as it promotes invasion of native ecosystems by alien species, say researchers from China.

Second Senator Backs Recognition Of Filipinos On AS100 List

The move to commend eight Filipino scientists on the 2018 Asian Scientist 100 list could help the Philippines produce more innovators and researchers.

Philippines Enacts Law To Reverse Brain Drain

The Philippines has enacted a law to encourage Filipino scientists based overseas to return to the Philippines and carry out research in their home country.

US Considers Imposing Restrictions On Chinese Researchers

The White House is considering a proposal to restrict Chinese researchers from carrying out sensitive research in US universities.

Sharing Science One Pint At A Time

Learning about science need not be confined to the classroom, scientists are breaking out and coming soon to a pub near you.