How To Increase Rice Yield? Make Stronger Hybrids

Using large-scale genomic mapping, researchers have analyzed over 10,000 rice lines to explore how cross-breeding produces better rice crops and higher yields.

Silicon Boosts Rice Yields, According To LEGATO Researchers

Researchers at the recent LEGATO conference held in the Philippines presented five years' worth of study findings into rice cultivation in the region.

The Secret Behind Bristle-Free Asian Rice? Human Selection.

The lack of awns in cultivated Asian rice has been linked to early agriculture and domestication by humans.

A Genetic Approach To Breeding High-Yield Rice

Scientists have uncovered the regulator of a gene that limits growth of wind-pollinated flowers in rice, which could lead to improved crop yield.

Seaweed Extract May Boost Rice Production

This gamma-radiated seaweed extract can increase rice production by about a third and guard against major pests.

The Origins Of Black Rice

Plant biologists have solved the ancient mystery of the origins and spread of black rice.

Helping Rice And Tomato Plants Take The Heat

The receptor-like kinase ERECTA could help improve the heat resistance of key commercial crops such as rice and tomatoes.

Gene For Better Rice Found

Scientists have found a gene that regulates rice quality, making it possible to breed high quality rice without a compromise in yield.

The Importance Of Silicon In Rice Production

Silicon is not only useful for computer chips but also an important micronutrient for rice crops, scientists say.