Genetically Modified Rice Stacked With Antioxidants

Chinese researchers have developed a genetic engineering tool to generate antioxidant-rich purple rice.

Grains Of Hope

Rice farmers are struggling to meet Asia’s demand for the staple crop; a genetically modified strain developed in Singapore could provide a solution.

Rice Domestication Traced To The Holocene

Radiocarbon dating has helped to trace rice domestication in China to approximately 10,000 years ago.

Extending The Range Of Diseases Covered By A Rice-Based Vaccine

Astellas and the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo are expanding the range of diseases that can be covered by their rice-based oral vaccine, MucoRice.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2017

April was a technology-heavy month, with popular articles on blockchain, artificial intelligence and the latest in battery technology.

Apparently, Asian Wild Rice Isn’t So Wild Anymore

The genome of Asian wild rice has become heavily admixed with disadvantageous traits from domesticated strains, researchers say.

Scientists Uncover New Antiviral Defense Mechanism In Rice

Chinese researchers have revealed a new antiviral mechanism in rice, a discovery that could boost control against viral epidemics and guarantee food security.

Rice Farming In India Much Older Than Thought

Rice may have been independently domesticated in India in parallel to developments in China, researchers say.

How Rice Forms Resistant Starch

Good news for Asia's rice-loving diabetics: scientists may have found a way to increase rice's content of resistant-starch.