Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

How Native Rice Varieties Can Help Fight Climate Change

A previously overlooked local rice variety in Vietnam could be used to help breed more climate-resilient crops, find scientists.

China’s Father Of Hybrid Rice, Yuan Longping, Passes At 90 (In Memoriam)

Yuan Longping's seminal work on cultivating hybrid rice varieties helped feed millions in China and around the world.

Cultivating CRISPR For Crops

For gene editing technologies like CRISPR to make a positive impact on agriculture, they must be embraced by companies both big and small. Corteva Agriscience is encouraging open innovation to help bridge the gap.

In Pursuit Of Herbicide-Resistant, High-Yield Rice

The gene HIS1 in rice plants is essential for herbicide resistance, say researchers in Japan.

Dehusk Before Parboiling To Reduce Arsenic Levels In Rice

An international team of scientists showed that parboiling wholegrain rice reduced inorganic arsenic levels by 25 percent while more than doubling calcium content of the grains.

Bioengineering Increases Rice Yield By 30 Percent

Scientists in China have developed a method called GOC bypass that can increase the yield of rice by almost 30 percent.

Swapping Crops To Ensure Food Security In India

Replacing rice and wheat with crops such as maize, finger millet, pearl millet or sorghum could help India save water and provide its people with more nutritious food.

A Chilling Discovery About Rice

A research group in China has revealed a signaling pathway that allows rice plants to tolerate low temperatures.

Singaporean Scientist Wins ASEAN Award For Rice Research

Dr. Yin Zhongcao has received the Outstanding Rice Scientist of Singapore Award at the ASEAN Rice Science and Technology Ambassadors Awards held in the Philippines.