Only Tiny Fraction Of Fukushima’s Rice Deemed Radioactive

In 2013, only 28 out of 11 million bags of rice from Fukushima tested positive for radiocesium above 100Bq/kg.

Sri Lankan Farmers Told To Adapt To Changing Climate

Climate change has caused Sri Lanka’s rice outputs to fall to their lowest levels since 2010, according to FAO estimates.

Cooling Could Cut Calories In Rice

The starch in rice can be converted to digestion-resistant forms by simply changing the cooking method, scientists say.

Fermenting Rice For Biofuel & Feed

Scientists have developed a method to process rice plants into both biofuel and animal fodder that does not require special equipment.

RIKEN & U Hasanuddin To Collaborate On Rice Research

The MoU between the RIKEN Nishina Center and Universitas Hasanuddin will focus on developing new breeds of Indonesian rice.

Vietnam Eyes Water-Saving Tech For Rice Farms

Although alternate wetting and drying technology can reduce water usage and greenhouse gas emissions, getting rice farmers to adopt this practice could be difficult.

Keeping Arsenic Out Of Rice

The discovery of the protein OsABCC1 could help in the development of arsenic-resistant crops.

Three Institute Collaboration Releases 3,000 Rice Genomes

A collaborative effort between the CAAS, BGI and the IRRI has published the genomes of 3,000 rice varieties, amounting to 13.4 terabytes worth of data.

Hotter Nights May Cause Rice Yield To Fall

As night temperatures cross the 23 degrees Celsius threshold, scientists call for the development of temperature-resistant rice varieties.