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Bees’ Flight Secrets Revealed

Researchers in Australia have found that bees use their antennae as well as their eyes to calculate the best position for swift flight.

Dozens Of New Genetic Markers For Cancer Risk Identified But Thousands More Remain

A large international study has identified more than 80 genetic markers for cancer risk, but researchers suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Study May Rewrite How Ovaries Are Formed

New research from the University of Adelaide may update the accepted view of how an ovary is formed.

People Donate To Charity After ‘Life Changing Moments,’ Study

A new Australian study has found that people give and set up charitable trusts in response to a single tipping point or catalyst in their lives, such as a windfall or life crisis.

Happy Leap Year Day! Astronomer Says Leap Years Prevent Calendar Climate Change

Without leap years, the seasons would completely swap every 750 years, a QUT scientist says.

US Navy Aims To Develop “Great Green Fleet” With Australian Biofuels

Biofuel technology being developed in Australia has caught the interest of the U.S. Navy, which intends to have a fleet of warships known as the "Great Green Fleet" running on biofuels by 2016.

Pregnant Mums Asked To Stay Cool To Reduce Stillbirths And Shorter Pregnancies

Researchers have found a link between an increase in temperature and the incidence of stillbirth and shorter pregnancies.

Scientists Starve Prostate Tumors Of Leucine To Slow Growth

Researchers at the Centenary Institute in Sydney have found that prostate cancer cells have more pumps for the essential nutrient leucine, revealing a potential target for treatment through starving these tumor cells.

Giant Freshwater Prawn Strain That Grows 25 Percent Faster May Help Asian Farmers

Australian scientists have helped develop a prawn that grows 25 percent faster than other cultured strains.