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New Mums Excessively Sleepy Even After 4 Months

Researchers have found that half of all new mothers are excessively sleepy even after maternity leave.

Exercise Is The Best Medicine

Postmenopausal women should do moderate to high intensity exercise five times a week to enjoy better physical and mental function, study says.

Vitamin A-Enriched Bananas Go On Human Trials

The orange colored pro-vitamin A-enriched banana could have a profound impact on vitamin A deficiency in East Africa.

From Sri Lankan Elephants To Shoppers

An approach originally developed to track Sri Lankan elephants has been applied to study consumer behavior.

India-Australia Collaboration To Develop Stress-Tolerant Rice

The US$546,800 joint project between India and Australia aims to develop a drought and salt-resistant rice strain by introducing Australian resurrection grass genes.

Newly Discovered Marsupial Engages In Suicidal Sex

The males of the Black-footed Antechinus so exert themselves during mating that most die before their offspring are born.

Who’s Patenting Whose Genome?

A free and open-source public resource aims to bring much-needed transparency to the murky and contentious world of gene patenting.

Kids + Video Games = Good For Mental Health?

Video games can be good for your children's mental health and could help you build stronger relationships with your children, says a study.

Consumers More Likely To Buy Discounted Items… Regardless Of Final Price

Discounting retail items reduces the tendency to shop around, which leads to less competitive outcomes and potentially higher prices, says a study.