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Sparking New Ideas In Econometrics

More than 20 international experts discussed advancements in econometrics at the two-day “Frontiers in Econometrics” conference.

Middle Class Budgeting: Thrifty & Traditional

More interactive and imaginative mobile apps could help families budget better, researchers say.

TCM Herb Could Reduce Unsightly Scarring

Shikonin, a compound extracted from the Lithospermum erythrorhizon plant, has been shown to reduce scar formation.

The Genetic Basis Of Obesity

A study of almost 340,000 individuals has uncovered 97 gene loci linked to high body mass index.

Predicting Dengue With Baidu

Internet-based disease surveillance methods can be up to several weeks faster than traditional methods, researchers say.

Expect Drastic Increase In Dengue Driven By Climate Change

Researchers predict that rising temperatures will have a "devastating" impact on Asia-Pacific countries struggling with dengue.

Four Fruit Flies One And The Same

Recognizing that four pests are actually a single species could lead to better international cooperation, quarantine measures, and ultimately, food security.

Hungry Or Not, Kids Will Eat Treats

Confirming what many parents experience, a study shows that children will not refuse a sugary snack even when already full.

‘Superhuman’ Robots Inspired By Nature

By combining the superior vision of the human eye with the navigation skills of a rat, researchers hope to design more effective navigation robots.