quantum mechanics

Shedding A Light Into China’s Quantum Supremacy

Scientists from China have created a light-based quantum computer that can solve in minutes what will take a supercomputer billions of years.

The Smallest Fridge In The World: A Single Atom

A single barium atom can act as either a heat engine or refrigerator, a property that could be used to cool small devices and nanomachines in the future.

Quantum Mechanics ‘Locks’ Heat In Place

Scientists in Singapore have discovered how to ‘lock’ heat in place using two rotating metal rings.

Supporting Science At All Scales

Supercomputers are helping scientists investigate phenomena at all scales, from the cosmos to quantum mechanics.

Simulations Capture A Quantum Butterfly

Using Google’s quantum chip, an international team of researchers has successfully simulated a fractal pattern known as the Hofstadter butterfly.

The Future Of Data Storage Is Atomic

Researchers have stored information in a single atom, creating a memory device a million times smaller than commercially available ones.

HKU Quantum Scientist Becomes Asia’s First CIFAR-Azrieli Global Scholar

Dr. Giulio Chiribella was selected under a new international initiative to identify potential world leaders in research.

Classical Model Explains Light-Matter Interaction In Quantum World

In the quantum world, all the standard rules don't apply. Now, researchers have created a model that describes a quantum phenomenon in a classical way.

Calcium Isotope Holds Clue To Neutrino Mass Mystery

The secret to determining the mass of neutrinos, which are thought to be both matter and antimatter, could finally be unlocked by experiments measuring the decay of calcium-48.

The Quantum Mechanics Of Water

Researchers have now uncovered a small piece of the puzzle of how quantum mechanics affects hydrogen bonding in water.