public health

Nearly Half Of India’s Health Workers Have Latent Tuberculosis

India has one of the world’s highest tuberculosis prevalence rates, which has a significant impact on both disease transmission and healthcare delivery.

92% Of People Live Where Air Pollution Is Dangerously High

90 percent of air pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, with nearly two out of three occurring in WHO’s Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions.

Singapore Among World’s Healthiest Places To Live

Iceland, Singapore and Sweden are the healthiest out of 188 countries studied in the 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study.

Telehealth In Australia Could Save Health System US$2.29 Billion: Report

In-home monitoring of ailing aged could save Australia's healthcare system billions of dollars, finds the country's first large-scale trial of telehealth systems.

Physical Inactivity Cost US$67 Billion Globally In 2013: Study

According to the study findings, type 2 diabetes was the costliest disease, accounting for US$37.6 billion or 70 percent of direct costs.

Fisheries Urged To Prioritize Nutrition Goals

The development of fisheries that are nutrition-sensitive would not only improve production and trade values, but also nutritional outcomes, says a study.

How Mosquitoes & Microbes Changed The Course Of A Canal

The Panama Canal “was dug with a microscope”—only when yellow fever and malaria were eradicated, could its construction continue.

Chinese Doctor Wins United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize

Dr. Palize Mehmett was recognized for leading public health initiatives in many Uyghur communities across Western China.

India & China Bear A Third Of Global Mental Illness Burden

India and China's disease burdens for mental, neurological and substance use disorders are greater than in all high-income countries combined, says a study.