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Generic HepC Meds In India Really Pay Off

Using generic drugs to treat hepatitis C in India would increase patients' life expectancy by more than eight years and reduce lifetime healthcare costs by US$1,300.

The State Of Infectious Disease Control In Post-SARS China

China has improved its infection control measures in the aftermath of SARS, but common diseases still pose a problem.

Virulent Bird Flu Strain Threatens To Spill Out Of China

A new strain of the deadly bird flu virus with pandemic potential has resurfaced in China.

Cipla Launches Hepatitis B Vaccine In India

Cipla's hepatitis B vaccine can prevent 95 percent of the recipients from developing a chronic infection, protecting them for decades.

How Thailand Eliminated Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

Early and concerted efforts from the whole society have helped eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Thailand.

Vaccination: A Cost-Effective Way To Prevent Rabies Deaths In India

A new study shows that over the course of five years, vaccinating 200,000 stray dogs a year would reduce rabies incidence in humans by 90 percent.

Cesarean Rate In China Not As High As Previously Thought

Research shows that cesarian delivery rate in China is lower than the World Health Organization's estimate.

Training Informal Healthcare Providers In India: A Cheap, Effective Way To Improve Care

Training programs for informal healthcare providers in rural India helped to increase their disease management by 7.9 percent.

50% Of Myanmar’s Population Has High Cholesterol

Unhealthy lifestyles have been blamed as hypertension and high cholesterol rates in Myanmar rise to worrying levels.