public health

How Viruses Hijack The Transport System In Neurons

Scientists in Japan have discovered how a tick-borne virus uses the host neuron’s transportation system to move viral RNA.

China Pledges US$20 Million To Promote Global Health

The WHO and China have signed a memorandum of understanding to reinforce health promotion efforts around the world.

Assaults 40 Times More Deadly For India Women Than US Counterparts

Scientists from India, US and Sweden revealed that women in India are nearly 40 times more likely to die after an assault compared to their US peers.

Deforestation Linked To Poor Health In Cambodian Children

Research in Cambodia suggests the importance of considering health impacts when assessing tradeoffs in land use planning.

Philippine Province Records First Avian Flu Outbreak

The Philippine Department of Agriculture is currently investigating a new outbreak of avian flu in Pampanga, Philippines.

Snakebites Cost Sri Lanka More Than US$10 Million Yearly

Snakebites cost Sri Lanka about US$10 million a year—roughly the same amount the country spends on both meningitis and dengue.

Nepal’s Slum Children At High Risk Of Diarrhea

Children living in Nepal's slums face a high risk of diarrhea, but exclusive breastfeeding infants under six months could help alleviate the situation.

7 In 10 Indonesian Children Exposed To Dengue

In a study conducted on more than 3,000 Indonesian children from ages one to 18, nearly 70 percent tested positive for dengue antibodies, an indication that they have been infected before.

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Likelihood Of Dying

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to predict which patients are likely to die within the next five years.