public health

Feasible To Treat Hepatitis C At Scale, Study

A decentralized, algorithm-based public health model helped cure over 90 percent of patients with hepatitis C virus infections in Punjab, India.

COPD Afflicts 100 Million People In China

The largest study of COPD across age groups in China finds that most don’t know they have the chronic lung disease.

Even Short Trips Expose Travelers To Antibiotic Resistant Bugs

Almost 90 percent of Japanese travelers in a small study were found to have picked up antibiotic-resistant bacteria from short trips to Vietnam.

Predicting Dengue Fever Outbreaks In Thailand

Researchers have used demographic, weather and dengue incidence data to develop models for predicting dengue hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in Thailand.

Unapproved Antibiotics Widely Sold In India

The rampant sale of unapproved antibiotics in India is threatening global efforts to contain antimicrobial resistance, scientists say.

7 Award-Winning Female Scientists

To mark the 2018 International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we've highlighted seven female scientists who have won international accolades for their research.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread In China

Scientists in Hong Kong have detected the gene for colistin-resistance in human, food and environmental samples from Hong Kong and China.

The Philippines Pauses Dengue Vaccine Program

New findings indicate that vaccination could lead to more severe disease in people who have never had a prior dengue infection.

Awareness Of Cervical And Breast Cancer Screening Lacking In Indonesia

Scientists in Indonesia have reported that only one in five Indonesian women are aware of cervical cancer screening, while only five percent of women are aware of breast cancer screening.