Reversing Obesity’s Impact On Fertility

Drugs targeting the mitochondria could potentially be used to restore fertility to obese women, study suggests.

BGI Announces Clinical Results Of Prenatal Test

BGI's non-invasive prenatal test (NIFTY®) has shown to be highly sensitive and specific in a trial involving close to 150,000 pregnancies.

Babies’ Gut Bacteria Linked To Healthy Weight Gain

Babies born via vaginal delivery had a more mature gut microbiota than their Caesarean-born counterparts.

The Hidden Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy not only prevents excessive weight gain in mothers, but leads to improved health outcomes for babies.

Vitamin D Protects Babies From Respiratory Infections

Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy seems to help prevent babies from getting respiratory infections after birth.

Heparin Treatment Does Not Prevent Pregnancy Complications

Not only is heparin treatment expensive and painful, scientists now find that it is ineffective at preventing blood clotting complications in pregnant women.

Difficult Labor In Overweight Women Due To Faulty Switch

The ion channel hERG, found to control contractions during labor, is dysregulated in obese women, possibly explaining the pregnancy complications associated with high BMI.

Taking Omega-3 Supplements Doesn’t Make Smarter Kids

Children whose mothers took omega-3 supplements while pregnant are no better at cognitive tasks than children whose mothers took placebos, study says.

Breastfeeding Linked To Lower Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Women who had breastfed their children were around half as likely to have rheumatoid arthritis compared to women who had never breastfed, according to researchers.