Phthalate Exposure Linked To Miscarriage

An epidemiological study has found an association between phthalate levels in the urine and an increased risk for early miscarriage.

The Surprising Similarities Between Human & Seahorse Pregnancies

Seahorse dads take up the role of nourishing and bringing baby seahorses to term, akin to human mums' pregnancies.

Why Human Eggs Don’t Age Well

Defective chromosome separation in the egg cells of older women can cause miscarriage and congenital diseases, scientists say.

India’s Abortion Cut-Off Limit Questioned

Preventing women from undergoing abortions past 20 weeks' gestation is arbitrary and compels them to make ill-informed decisions, doctor says.

Risk Of HepE Outbreak “Very High” In Earthquake-Ravaged Nepal

Conditions created by the recent earthquake leave Nepal with a perfect storm for a hepatitis E outbreak, experts say.

IME & INEX To Develop Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostics

Using IME's microfluidic technology, testing for fetal abnormalities will only require a few milliliters of blood from the mother.

Small Non-Coding RNAs Can Cross The Placenta, Scientists Say

Researchers claim that small exogenous RNAs from plants eaten by a mother can cross the placenta and affect fetal development.

Epigenetic Marks Affect Children’s Brain Development

Methylation of the HES1 gene in the womb can influence a child's later cognitive development, scientists say.

Lower Air Pollution, Higher Birth Weight

The ‘natural experiment’ if the 2008 Beijing Olympics showed that even a short-term improvement in air quality could impact pregnancies in their eighth month.