Oldest Fossil Forest In Asia Discovered In China

Excavators carrying out works at a quarry in China's Anhui province serendipitously uncovered the oldest fossil forest in Asia.

Two Thai Dinosaur Species Related To T. Rex

Analyzing fossils found 30 years ago, researchers have identified two new dinosaur species from Thailand.

New Oviraptorosaur Species Found In Mongolia

Scientists have found an incomplete skeleton of a feathered, bird-like dinosaur with unusually thick jaws, suggesting that the dinosaur fed on hard food items like eggs.

Beetles Largely Unchanged After A Hundred Million Years

Fossilized beetles found in 99-million-year-old amber share many similar characteristics with their living family members, say scientists in China.

Asian Scientist Junior Book Series Launched

The six books each feature a prominent researcher from Asia to inspire children towards careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

‘Dino’ Bone Turns Out To Be From An Extinct Sea Cow

Japanese paleontologists have identified an uncatalogued ‘dinosaur’ bone as belonging to an extinct sea mammal.

Six Asian Scientists Featured In New Children’s Book Series

Wildtype Books launches Asian Scientist Junior, a book series highlighting outstanding scientists from Asia.

Another Detail Jurassic Park Got Wrong: Dinosaur Tongues

According to research by scientists in China and the US, the ferocious T-rex might not have been able to stick out its tongue.

22,000-Year-Old Panda Ancestor Found In Southern China

Mitochondrial DNA from a 22,000-year-old specimen found in a cave in Southern China belongs to an ancient panda, study says.